Family First

It is a day before my 56th birthday and I decided to start this blog. My purpose is to have an open dialogue about dating after divorce and what it means to the family, but more importantly, I want to take on the conventional wisdom that post divorce relationships are the highest priority. I believe that maintaining a sense of family, even after a divorce, should be the highest priority with the caveat that there was a sense of family during the marriage. If not then there is nothing to maintain. But if there is, and it becomes the conventional wisdom that it should be so, I believe there will be less second marriage conflict related to divided loyalties and fewer second marriage divorces.

I was married 26 years and have been divorced for 8 years. I have 3 grown children and my ex-wife and I successfully created a close and loving family. Since my divorce I have had four relationships and done some stupid things. I am currently committed to being single until the dust settles. I hope that you will find what I share in subsequent posts to be useful. If nothing else you may find it entertaining!

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