Stages of Divorce

I have been divorced for almost 8 years now and it is interesting to look back on the stages I have gone through. I wonder if other men go through the same thing and if it changes with age. After going through a brief kind of crazy time I was all about relationships. I suppose that I wanted to prove how good my relationship skills were. As time went on I started to become disillusioned. It didn’t seem like anything was easy and the life energy was being drained from me. Finally I made a commitment to be single and then would still fall into these quasi-relationships. The problem was that it seemed that I had very little to give to a relationship. Now I am alone and it seems okay. Maybe this is a recovery time and I will come out of it ready again to love a woman. The problem now is that I know too much and it is easy for me to see the fatal flaws in a relationship. I suppose time will tell.

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